“Only knowing is believing, and such believing is being; such being is another kind of faith, the kind to cherish”!

There’s nothing out there when you are here. What is going to happen, how its going to happen, it doesn’t rely on considerations, what is of utmost importance is, What one is going to do here, where you are.Plenty of lives wounded around with hiding scars and faces.

What knowing is about?

The millions of world coexist in this planet, each world for each being, living in a separate isles of self, though living together over but apart from level of conditions and weariness. Knowing and perceiving are different, rather thought to be analogous. Knowing is simple phenomenon, it doesn’t change with knower, it meant what does it mean, it’s meaning don’t alter according to motile, and perceiving is bounded by authorities of mind, attachments, status quo, habits, inhibitions, interjections, sublimations, apperceptions,. It’s dependent on myriads of factors, in accordant with individual. Hitherto knowing has been seen in the light of perceiving, which makes it different from being. Knowing

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