Still In Labyrinth


“Everything is not the same but kind of similar. Running thoughts out of these tiny boxes, which is meaningless to others, and for myself too. Importance of being, a continuous chatter of self with other self developed categories, and an outward reality which seems to be contradictory, as its paradoxical, pushes to undefined steps.

Nothing was decided and known at that moment, but may be its in trend, and becoming the lifestyle of few and none. The sound of the word destination, and the peculiar belief for the place alloyed the journey. Sun was down below the sea, and the wind was still, when made our way for an old and new exploration.  Few transactions took us to the very place, of gypsies and bohemians, where mix cultured tourists, still rove around for relaxant, excitant, psychoactive substances, spiritual conquest, unworldly experiences, or for just.

Despite, Kasol has its own significance. A valley, where earth and sky seems to be closer, a ferocious Parvati river gushing to reach afore Ganges. An outpouring sun fosterth the creation, as advanced to Barsheni & trekked forth to Kheerganga, before nature’s light dimmed. She was carrying the bible (impressed in Hebrew), as remarked. Since ages those peaks sedes (seat) over unbound dimensions of existence. Each passing moment along with boundless existence gave possibilities of life’s lived.



“An echoes of our own thoughts sprawled limitlessly around”. An overnight, at Kheerganga, of immense thunder & heavy rain, as if huge apex itself pelted down aggressively, and the next morn was like silent & innocent child, who forgets what happened last night. As opened the curtain of eyes, clouds dispersing with swift movement & the peaks stood tall gazing into infinity. A bathe in hot natural spring, in the mystic pool of the earth, reconnects with love of mother (nature) to its child. “Mysterious is the only answer to all our questions”. Shoon were ready to tread again into the unknown,as drenched last night. And walked into the guided way to witness unreal reality of unspoken. “Holier is you, as look into, life lives there, where we come to”! “Eyes couldn’t see, what heart see”!


An implicit presence of creator, of timeless creation, experienced through experiencer, separated by I & merged with its beingness.


As Stared into endless precipices with icefalls emblazoned, dripping into rapids of Parvati, with its fate of oceanic one day. The path, bridges, cedar trees, prairies, blooms, gregarious, Alps, glaciers, rivulets..Ah!; “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”  Henry David Thoreau.


Tunda bhuj, pure & full of innocence, every breath of it was manifesting sheer divinity. A expanse of solitary existence with its mighty crown facing into deathless sierra, with glimpse of us in every fragment of innate disposition. IMG_4387IMG_4388IMG_4390

A hermitage of silent drift of sombreness, of just you and me and the earthly desires, floating down the streams to meet up with holographic reality.


A night of wonder, for the only truth of moment, for the only reason of mortality, from companion to disciple, from unreal to real. An explorer of fear, a lover of stories, a hater of defame, a truer of destinies, a loner of life, a master to thrive, an entertainer for visitors, an impostor for neighbours, an ascetic for peasants, a guardian for lalu, held heaven and hell into his heart.


“ Shinning and glimmering refection of light with unknown presence of entity, looking at the strangest self of inner being which lived unnoticed and unparalleled…”!

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