Hsadredlab <

> Balderdash

“Is it your home?

Is it safe to travel at night?
This ain’t how I see myself.
No reality has touched me, is it possible to understand self by means of others?
Don’t go down there, we don’t know what’s there!
Why I’m getting it now, I don’t need it!
Do you believe in him? Why not, ha ha ha…its trendy!!
Aah, it’s seems expensive! Yes it is, but not much.
He says, it’s there, but I can’t see.
I did it, did you see, have you seen,? Where have all gone!
I can’t find home, have you?
Stay for a night, morning you leave.
You don’t even know what you talking about.

A: Why are you running naked down to valley? All are trying for summit.
B: I was up there, they followed me there too, now I’m descending down to again hid from them.

Don’t call me by that name, I’m not the one you looking for!

A: what’s their beyond horizon?
B: another horizon!

A: what’s best in them?
B: no one know what one thinketh.
A: And what’s worst?
B: no one know what one thinketh.”

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