Structure of Now


We are gratifying our souls with mere words and visuals. Living in the social structure of conventional knowledge, depending on others just for utilities and concussions. Those days of wonders where each day celebrated just for being together, sharing our stories and fables just for the sake of sharing, with no motive of any gain or conspiracy, for no likes and dislikes of social media, no vying to reach out to the world coz here it was the world, full of dreams and possibilities.
The habits of thoughts of living intellectually made us more alone and incomplete than ever. Looking at a bright screen for thrill and sensations, for love and adventures. How the humans are advancing, reflects the impoverishment of the soul. We forgot to see the stars, trees, birds, Sun, Moon, Mother, Father, everyone.
We have prepared ourselves to meet the doomsday, And I say, it will happen from within.
“An eagerness to have it all, tend us to lose what we have.”
We are together, but far away psychologically, laughs and smiles are just to avoid the awkwardness of the circumstances, or when we quip on others.
Music is now an another escape from the world around, disconnecting with the real to be in numb comfortness.
Who are we now, Just arrangements of words of others, anyone can define us, anyone can judge us, and we gonna surely believe the other, as we have lost trust in oneself.
Talks have lost their meanings, we can only talk about other, but can’t talk our heart out. So much to proof our existence to parents, relatives, society and last to ourselves. Why can’t we talk without being engulfed in any type of intoxication? Emphasizing on words rather than actions, lives of others interests us more than ours.
Everyone trying to give our purpose of life, they will tell you what the life is about. The political group has one purpose, the religious will have another, and so on. Dividing ourselves into myriads of purposes, and in relation, we forgot the purpose of oneself and therefore living in just confusion.
Out of confusion we believing all of our life. Our Love, Our anger, our emotions, they are the outcome from confusions.
Lo, And we are living superficially.

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