Valediction Himalyan Firs!

“She remembers every touch, every phrase, every gesture and spontaneity.”

Star was bright, inspite of its reality. Flags of prayers were shining too, and flutter with wind, carrying messages from far distant hills. Darkness of silent night, whoosh and hush of moments, drift of soul and unknown call from nothingness. An authoritarian slumber, making eyes and ears unresponsive. Laid on lap of love, with no feel of aliveness, and could hear own instincts which are purer for myself.

As metamorphosis is continual, I seek no certainty here or any where else. Yes and No’s are paradoxical enough, it’s like chasing the wind.

With few celebrations the journey started, and the belief on vision made things happened.
 “Fall was high but to fly was my choice”.

The need of escape from daily thoughts, self uneasiness, suppressions, was the critical and the reason of support to the place.
It’s a death of our efforts, our contribution to the living place, as we filled souls into the abandonment. Laughs, playfulness, cries, gatherings, trails, nights, unsung notes and whispering firs.

180 days of attempts, an understanding of self, a new finding and capability and the connection to the work, planning and sequencing.
May be its good for us. It’s back to those it belongs, it genuineness will come back, it will be cleaned and put into orderliness, but a lifeless indeed. There’s a chaos in existence and the limitations of mind will never understand the synchronicity and the requirement of disturbance.
I acknowledge all those who were the part of the journey, from birds(white throated laughing thrush, Brainfever, Magpie, Rufus, etc) to the Bholu, near by support to the distant trusts, friends and foes, children’s and adults, cooks and helpers, artists and indolents, natural and artificial, sun and rain, fall and rise, love and pain.

“As we now know, the human beings seems to be a trap set to catch onself”.

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