“Love is giving, the giving of whole of it, the all of it.”

The days of departure passes by with unfinished feelings of arrival. The other home offered rain with arrival. And after a day the journey started with feelings of melancholy. With unclear motives the night rambled over the asphalt with fading crescent. Crossed several geographical distinctions to reach Peo.

The twist and turns, with intermittent jolts with overhanging rocky trans Himalyas and the rushing Spiti, expanded view from green valley to the high mountains cold desert.

“The far away distant flags, with certainty of colours of nature and built houses, with kindness and freedom of being yourself, with simple and complex way of living, habituating since ages.”

Tabo, a place to surrender, with the energy of purity and highness. After alighted off the bus, followed the randomness of steps to the monastery home stay, where greeted generously with hugs and warmth of unconditioned souls. Walked round and about the paths which turned again to the monastery, an oldest of all. With cafes and home stays and the greenery in the middle of abandon, with white mountain peaks with message of silence and celebration of the moments.

“Love is ubiquitous.”

Key, with morning choice-less choice, left for Kaza, and then to Key Monastery. Kaza is headquarter of Spiti valley, with provision of trade and conveyance. An elaborate market with some of the decent stuffs and tastes. A monastery which has been restored from Komik, The Tangyud monastery, to Kaza after the effects of earth quake in late 19th century. The art is surreal, and with combination of different strokes of colours and symbolic necessities sprawled all over the roofs and walls.

An indiviadual with characteristics of lost in thoughts, Tainz, name tattooed on the hand, (its an Spitian name, with the meaning ‘very attentive person’) drove us to the Key monastery. He wore a leather jacket with rugged jeans and the green cap every day he met. He took us to Lalung, Komik, Hikkim another days, in his old bouncy tracker, with music and talks of nothing informational about the place.

Key monastery, a upright structure over the formed precarious mountains, with the similarities of earth and sky and the altitude. A hot tea offered with the arrival, and glimpsed to see the interiors of the lives and patterns of the monastic life. From the age of 4 to the age of 70, were present in the monastery. All of them gathered for the dinner at 6’o at the eve.

” Love is playful, it vibrates to and fro, in and out, in synchronous to everything.”

An entity to follow, to be wise and perfect like it, to be kindest of all, full of compassion and holiness, understanding of self and of the other, and of the existence. An institution with the purpose to be Buddha, allure for free will and repel for coercion. And some of like us who just chose to be a part of it for a day or two, just to experience and explore. A discipline in their art, in practice and in the compassion.

The morning bell, and they gathered in the temple, for the prayers and rituals, with the tea and gruel. And after having the same, departed for the other near by village, Kibber.

At an altitude of 4,270 m (14,200 ft) a hamlet, with all the essentials for the community, a school, dispensary, post office and the monastery. When arrived, the village seems to be vacated, and as strolled around found all the natives to be working together to reconstruct the temple. A conglomeration of efforts in bits and pieces, in turning deserted land into lush green vegetation, vying to connect each and every villages through bridges and roads, to do where they are, for what they are, for themselves.

“To do is to love without any coerce.”

Chicham, one of the highest bridge adjoins the gorge, which introduces the village. Kanamo Peak could be witnessed from the village, is the highest peak that could be summited in the vicinity. The man dressed in the rob of lama, took us to his home for the tea, unintentionally.

Followed the steps of him to reach the other corner of the village, and entered to his home. A dark alley with closing walls, took us into the room with kitchen and utensils in one side, and the place to sit and fire on the other, in a traditional way. He introduced his father, who was generous enough to make my mind to stay with them for a night. A tea with the sweetness of strange familiarity, a gesture of concern and the etiquettes, he shared all of it in the moment and it’s suffice for the soul to quench its thirst.

” Unconditional Love frees the mind from being somebody.” 

Lalung, reached after noon along with Tainz, mentioned him earlier. Followed the road along the river Lingti, to arrive the Lalung, a settlement of Spitians under the mountains. Other side of the river were the deep gorges and the canyons, and placed ourselves to the another home stay, with a family of four. The exterior were similar to the houses built, and the interior was perfectly refined and arranged with subtleties of orderliness.

“To use the intricacy of the mind to overcome fears of pasts and tomorrows, to live in the moment so that could love, what is happening to self at each passing of breath.”

Hiked the mountain above the village, crossed the green peas fields, water pathways, to reach the dizzy heights of the surroundings. It was windy and cold above the thought of isolation. The setting sun spread different hues and shades of clouds and sky with the
golden gleaming snowy peak.

” Silence grew louder with each step, in the presence of mighty Himalayas, just few breathes of life and acute resonance of phenomenon of understanding.”

The most amicable night of the tour, with sharing of feelings and respect of each other, with freedom to be the part of the family with no prejudices and the limitations. Cooking, eating, and watching oldest of the films that I would resist to see in myself alone. The night brings up the thoughts of dreams and reality, of ability to live in the world with the perception of time, how everything changes with the change in the self, the same moments become the life of the now, and the night of the silence, stars and the existence of the self in this very place where you belong, forever and timeless.

I couldn’t believe the strength of mankind, and see what I could offer to self. With morning chirps and coldness decided to leave the home, without saying much and goodbyes. Her elder son and the youngest daughter accompanied along us in the bus to the way to Kaza, from where Tainz took us to the Komik, Hikkim. The sharpness of the peaks and the altitude reached were defining the presence of will and the quality of life ones nurture for self in complete remoteness.

In the journey was indifferent due to the health of the stomach, which ingrained self to the quality to observant most of the time.

“What we see and what we believe is different, the ways of lives and humanity are different, but what we seek, an equanimous in deepest level of thoughts, actions and being.” 
” mind chatters everywhere, with constant manifestation of self relative to the surrounding. the situation creates to act with mind, and with every possibility of it could rover. the factual subject of interest is the absorption of mind and its capacity to look through. the routine minimises the possibilities to look through over. whether it’s an ascetic life or sybaritic life. the forgetfulness of life with its myriads of events and phenomena, changes self with its subtleties, tending to become what we are,.” 

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