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> Balderdash

“Is it your home?

Is it safe to travel at night?
This ain’t how I see myself.
No reality has touched me, is it possible to understand self by means of others?
Don’t go down there, we don’t know what’s there!
Why I’m getting it now, I don’t need it!
Do you believe in him? Why not, ha ha ha…its trendy!!
Aah, it’s seems expensive! Yes it is, but not much.
He says, it’s there, but I can’t see.
I did it, did you see, have you seen,? Where have all gone!
I can’t find home, have you?
Stay for a night, morning you leave.
You don’t even know what you talking about.

A: Why are you running naked down to valley? All are trying for summit.
B: I was up there, they followed me there too, now I’m descending down to again hid from them.

Don’t call me by that name, I’m not the one you looking for!

A: what’s their beyond horizon?
B: another horizon!

A: what’s best in them?
B: no one know what one thinketh.
A: And what’s worst?
B: no one know what one thinketh.”

Still In Labyrinth


“Everything is not the same but kind of similar. Running thoughts out of these tiny boxes, which is meaningless to others, and for myself too. Importance of being, a continuous chatter of self with other self developed categories, and an outward reality which seems to be contradictory, as its paradoxical, pushes to undefined steps.

Nothing was decided and known at that moment, but may be its in trend, and becoming the lifestyle of few and none. The sound of the word destination, and the peculiar belief for the place alloyed the journey. Sun was down below the sea, and the wind was still, when made our way for an old and new exploration.  Few transactions took us to the very place, of gypsies and bohemians, where mix cultured tourists, still rove around for relaxant, excitant, psychoactive substances, spiritual conquest, unworldly experiences, or for just.

Despite, Kasol has its own significance. A valley, where earth and sky seems to be closer, a ferocious Parvati river gushing to reach afore Ganges. An outpouring sun fosterth the creation, as advanced to Barsheni & trekked forth to Kheerganga, before nature’s light dimmed. She was carrying the bible (impressed in Hebrew), as remarked. Since ages those peaks sedes (seat) over unbound dimensions of existence. Each passing moment along with boundless existence gave possibilities of life’s lived.



“An echoes of our own thoughts sprawled limitlessly around”. An overnight, at Kheerganga, of immense thunder & heavy rain, as if huge apex itself pelted down aggressively, and the next morn was like silent & innocent child, who forgets what happened last night. As opened the curtain of eyes, clouds dispersing with swift movement & the peaks stood tall gazing into infinity. A bathe in hot natural spring, in the mystic pool of the earth, reconnects with love of mother (nature) to its child. “Mysterious is the only answer to all our questions”. Shoon were ready to tread again into the unknown,as drenched last night. And walked into the guided way to witness unreal reality of unspoken. “Holier is you, as look into, life lives there, where we come to”! “Eyes couldn’t see, what heart see”!


An implicit presence of creator, of timeless creation, experienced through experiencer, separated by I & merged with its beingness.


As Stared into endless precipices with icefalls emblazoned, dripping into rapids of Parvati, with its fate of oceanic one day. The path, bridges, cedar trees, prairies, blooms, gregarious, Alps, glaciers, rivulets..Ah!; “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”  Henry David Thoreau.


Tunda bhuj, pure & full of innocence, every breath of it was manifesting sheer divinity. A expanse of solitary existence with its mighty crown facing into deathless sierra, with glimpse of us in every fragment of innate disposition. IMG_4387IMG_4388IMG_4390

A hermitage of silent drift of sombreness, of just you and me and the earthly desires, floating down the streams to meet up with holographic reality.


A night of wonder, for the only truth of moment, for the only reason of mortality, from companion to disciple, from unreal to real. An explorer of fear, a lover of stories, a hater of defame, a truer of destinies, a loner of life, a master to thrive, an entertainer for visitors, an impostor for neighbours, an ascetic for peasants, a guardian for lalu, held heaven and hell into his heart.


“ Shinning and glimmering refection of light with unknown presence of entity, looking at the strangest self of inner being which lived unnoticed and unparalleled…”!


“Only knowing is believing, and such believing is being; such being is another kind of faith, the kind to cherish”!

There’s nothing out there when you are here. What is going to happen, how its going to happen, it doesn’t rely on considerations, what is of utmost importance is, What one is going to do here, where you are.Plenty of lives wounded around with hiding scars and faces.

What knowing is about?

The millions of world coexist in this planet, each world for each being, living in a separate isles of self, though living together over but apart from level of conditions and weariness. Knowing and perceiving are different, rather thought to be analogous. Knowing is simple phenomenon, it doesn’t change with knower, it meant what does it mean, it’s meaning don’t alter according to motile, and perceiving is bounded by authorities of mind, attachments, status quo, habits, inhibitions, interjections, sublimations, apperceptions,. It’s dependent on myriads of factors, in accordant with individual. Hitherto knowing has been seen in the light of perceiving, which makes it different from being. Knowing


A morning blaze overlaid by white clouds and the significant peak destined to hike stood decently.
Walked down the streets and got a jitney up to the only known location of journey, as unaware of points to be considered. Slow and steady jitney makes its way over snaky asphalt along the vast sprawled stopped river. Talks of accomplishments, experiences events, encounters, etc… “Technology gives wings to imagination but hinders to come out of it”.
In moment of time reached on the other side of the untouched top linked with suspension bridge to be at her part of regions. Inquired the way out and means to get at bosom of the top, to start trudge.


“Feeling of heart full of smile is universal”.
In no due time hopped into local jeep which crossed the green river and took us through smoky trees with chit chat of women as long day to pass. It dropped us to the village from where trek starts.
“Money often speaks louder than words and situations”.

Apex of mountain seen clear from the base but couldn’t estimate the distance to be trekked, but it wasn’t a question of hour as were high in spirit and begin to plod heavily. A deceased path followed by led us to the top of it. Silence of mountain rarely breached by flying and chirping birds and the sound of steps climbed over foliage with increasing beats of heart and pounding lungs. Also sporadic distant blow of chopping woods could drove attention to seek from where it’s coming from.
As tend to be near top, wind pinged our ears and the Big Eagles flew above us with their shadows moving over around.
“Sky belongs to those who can fly”.

Fly High

A panoramic view from the top exhibit Himalayan ranges on one side and the other scattered with multicolored hamlets. A road with brisk prairie and western versant of mountain laden with golden hued thickets.”


“An urge to know, to have, takes away what we already know, what we already have”. Far away from what we have known and experienced, but near to self and freezing mind. A rush to accomplish, to do what is undone, to see unseen passages of existence.

“Stayed for a while and filled the empty space with our momentary presence”. As climbed down from top to valley, Sun was in western cadence low. Irregular slant paths and uneven stones took us back to root of the peak.


“Who’s there for me to know my being? Do I have to wait for someone to insist or to reflect the true being, which is undiscovered? Dark clouds sediments downwards with white clouds shadowing over its charm. A flow from in to out, from untouched reality to the surface, which is seen, assumed near to truth. But anything near to truth is not truth. An environment effects on personality, and relating to it with its intimacy sometimes drag us to consider what we are and what we are not. Future desires to be precise and perfect, which brings in the cause of imperfectness at present. Whole orbiting around self, and when this self is unknown, it creates pulse of unsteadiness and heaviness. Blurred vision never takes anyone nowhere but far from one self. Most of the time we know the truth, it’s just acceptance of it never arrives”!

Faith & Beliefs

“Left over things on the desk and rushed to home for packing up for the tour, took blessings and money and shambled down to near station.

Got last seat and the known personality who talked a lot, he slept on lap as suffered motion sickness, and after few hours, I talked to the another guy who might understand the attics of mind but not the basics. As darkness sprawled over city we crossed the bridge and stood with rolling thoughts aside the stream which rushed for the end.
“Another home to be called, another energy to be shared and another roof to be stared”.
Human nature is to forget things when not needed.
Rode on the air to get what required most by the need of time, and wait to be called someone who loved once in a while.
Mismatched thoughts fumed through the dark night and new morning stood for exploring other dimension of self with open arms. Held hands tighter and marched along with past identity to cross dreams of other reality.
Within the shell of respectability started the journey, & over truth and lies spoke to everyone else. An unfurled flag created the chance to intervene each other, & old familiar smiles and gestures of strangers creating new impressions of fleeting experience.
Living cities and villages left behind, & before midnight all were in the bosom of valley of death, unaware of the emotions and feelings buried yesteryear beneath ground.
“Rather than god man is above man, ego is above altruism, and mind is above heart”.
With the rising sun crossed the river of life and death, and begin trampling for the mountains of Kedar loaded with paraphernalia. The sound of gushing stream whispers the story of holocaust & desolate ruined homes whimper for their beloved ones.
“Hunger doesn’t understand differences of flavours and taste”!
Things created, invaded and then devastated; that’s what happened with the Ram BadaA hamlet of none & just the past remains over present exile by nature.
A snow covered mountain stood with dignity and played with palette of the setting sun, offering winter line over the horizon and shades of stars. The Kedar peak, only in-situ witness of catastrophe other than victims couldn’t share its empathy of melancholy. Silence of mountains dialects through air to the core of beating heart, which grew louder with elevation.


What this trip meant to all?

We climbed up and down over dimensions of perseverance of valley. A gathering under open sky with proletarians and an ascetic who tend to follows austerities and couldn’t perceive the light hearted ability, as easily irritated by gestures of immature entertainment. Some were desired to enjoy and some were desired to be a part of celebration. Those moments of being out of shell allows to breathe the air heavily which otherwise missed or unrecognised.


Who are we?

The Projections of thoughts which keeps on changing.It’s not possible to be same for all, and if it is then detachment is the only way. Attachments differentiate the feelings.

“Carrying the baggage of ambitions over the shoulders to recreate the harmony between human and nature, as nature doesn’t have any moral obligations towards humans“.
“They who experienced the isolation of mountains could better comprehend the noise of silence. The mystic valley with its mythological importance fighting for its survival & some few who concern for it rendering their strength to revive its prominence once again from scrap to substantial.”



One home but different lives,

Lonely together just breathless voice,

Days empty and nights silent voids,

Still air when storm about to rise;

Now and then they tittle tattle,

Life on run with working cackle,

Trust is another word for doubt

In this simple like living cattle;

Smirk when other fall on its face,

Let their hands to lift with moral disgrace,

Pretense other better then themselves they,

Who am I rather than preface!




Looking the world through coloured glass
As passing by metal tracks,
Mesh of time blown by furious motion,
Clinging to moments slipping from eyes;

Dense ignorance of past sprawling over fields,
Rows of gardens bound to change there seeds,
Green emotions of springs fading into dark nights,
Rain fell from heaven to quail in the earth’s site;

Gazing through window to the another window,
Half hung out and half in safe despise,
Waiting for the start and tumbling down inside,
Destiny is sure to arrive but not before sun rise;

Blighted grown towns leaving the pain aside,
On the shore of trust habitants lost in strife,
Laughing mocks never realised insanity of hypocrisy,
Burdening there luggage on the humans lives!




The unwanted child grew up without any warning,
Every dream he seek lost in the dark humor of ménage,
Clouds of thoughts sunk down into the hollow sea,
Still vision reflects the edge of unfold wings;

Died in serenity & lived in chaos, closed hearts never saw the aching souls,
Inequity grows in silent rifts, fumbled upon when stood on its own feet;

One in oneness missed the whole of wholeness,
Each false truth rose over skin & bones,
Night is long as time prisoned, memories rust with fading smiles,
Respect has to be shown, otherwise you are misfit…!