A morning blaze overlaid by white clouds and the significant peak destined to hike stood decently.
Walked down the streets and got a jitney up to the only known location of journey, as unaware of points to be considered. Slow and steady jitney makes its way over snaky asphalt along the vast sprawled stopped river. Talks of accomplishments, experiences events, encounters, etc… “Technology gives wings to imagination but hinders to come out of it”.
In moment of time reached on the other side of the untouched top linked with suspension bridge to be at her part of regions. Inquired the way out and means to get at bosom of the top, to start trudge.


“Feeling of heart full of smile is universal”.
In no due time hopped into local jeep which crossed the green river and took us through smoky trees with chit chat of women as long day to pass. It dropped us to the village from where trek starts.
“Money often speaks louder than words and situations”.

Apex of mountain seen clear from the base but couldn’t estimate the distance to be trekked, but it wasn’t a question of hour as were high in spirit and begin to plod heavily. A deceased path followed by led us to the top of it. Silence of mountain rarely breached by flying and chirping birds and the sound of steps climbed over foliage with increasing beats of heart and pounding lungs. Also sporadic distant blow of chopping woods could drove attention to seek from where it’s coming from.
As tend to be near top, wind pinged our ears and the Big Eagles flew above us with their shadows moving over around.
“Sky belongs to those who can fly”.

Fly High

A panoramic view from the top exhibit Himalayan ranges on one side and the other scattered with multicolored hamlets. A road with brisk prairie and western versant of mountain laden with golden hued thickets.”


“An urge to know, to have, takes away what we already know, what we already have”. Far away from what we have known and experienced, but near to self and freezing mind. A rush to accomplish, to do what is undone, to see unseen passages of existence.

“Stayed for a while and filled the empty space with our momentary presence”. As climbed down from top to valley, Sun was in western cadence low. Irregular slant paths and uneven stones took us back to root of the peak.


“Who’s there for me to know my being? Do I have to wait for someone to insist or to reflect the true being, which is undiscovered? Dark clouds sediments downwards with white clouds shadowing over its charm. A flow from in to out, from untouched reality to the surface, which is seen, assumed near to truth. But anything near to truth is not truth. An environment effects on personality, and relating to it with its intimacy sometimes drag us to consider what we are and what we are not. Future desires to be precise and perfect, which brings in the cause of imperfectness at present. Whole orbiting around self, and when this self is unknown, it creates pulse of unsteadiness and heaviness. Blurred vision never takes anyone nowhere but far from one self. Most of the time we know the truth, it’s just acceptance of it never arrives”!

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